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About Us

An effective identification, utilization & management of early-stage talent is imperative for improving the competitiveness and prosperity of the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry. However, the element of versatility makes the process of talent identification & management demanding and complex. This is where Taledge steps in.

Taledge - nurturing individual talents, accelerating corporate growth

At Taledge, we believe that talent is ubiquitous. Each individual possesses several competencies in some domain and the sooner they are discovered, the better it is. Our role is to recognize early-stage talent, unlock the individual potential, and provide a great impetus to its development by providing them experiential learning opportunities, thus orienting it towards the industry requirements. This results in a productive symbiosis of individual talent and corporate growth.

Our Vision

To develop a productive and progressive ecosystem of talent, by establishing excellent standards of early-stage talent recognition & development, for its effective utilization by industry.

Our Mission

To reduce the disparities between right talent and industry requirements. To provide greater opportunities for individuals to choose their aspired profession. To equip the industry with a pool of superior industry-ready talent. To provide best-in-class industry consulting services to corporates with an objective to fuel their growth.

Our Core Values

At every step of the way, our process is infused with the FOLLOWING core values:

  • Customer-centricity
  • Quest for excellence
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Creativity