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talent profiling

Talent Profiling1

Profiling talent to help understand talent contours

Talent profiling is a powerful approach that utilizes targeted assessment system, driven through our unique EDGE philosophy to:

  • Understand career aspirations and interest areas of an individual.
  • Assess one’s strengths, current skills and areas of improvement.
  • Map these skills with the competencies required for various available roles in the industry.

Positioning talent at the most appropriate and productive place in the corporate realm

Talent Profiling acts as a preliminary step to identify the most efficient match of individual talent with the industry role. It also recognizes the areas of further development.

Talent Profiling2
Talent Profiling3

Providing better & targeted career opportunities, enhancing employability

The talent profile thus created can be easily augmented by learning and development of key areas through our EDGE philosophy. We nurture talent and unfold individual potential. This generates greater career opportunities.

Our assessments focus on the application of knowledge

The fundamental requirement of an industry is to develop the right talent for its growth. This is usually brought forth by way of standardized assessments. Such evaluations, though valuable, segregate the talent only superficially and tend to miss out on many key competencies or strengths as required by the industry. Our targeted assessment approach is designed to measure individual talent at different levels with a focus on knowledge application. It maps individual interests with the available industry skills through a multi-stage assessment structure that combines tests with expert-interaction sessions.

Talent Profiling4

What you get?

  • Industry awareness sessions to understand its working and uncover opportunities that are apropos to individual interest and field.
  • Targeted assessments aim to understand the proficiencies and strengths.
  • A map of identified strengths and potential improvement areas in light of available roles and corresponding requirements.
  • Recommendations on learning paths to upgrade the skills levels
  • One to one mentoring sessions with the industry experts that are purposely built as per the individual requirements.
  • 1-year subscription with placement assistance throughout the subscription period. Individual profiles are shared with numerous companies and this increases their career opportunities and employability.

who can register from profiling?

  • A student or a group of students currently pursuing chemical engineering from 5th semester onwards.
  • Chemical engineering graduates or diploma holders with 1-5 years of experience looking for better career opportunities in core engineering sector.

why us?

  • Personalized attention.
  • Mentoring by Industry experts.
  • Precise skill upgrade recommendation.
  • Development of industry perspective.
  • Targeted Placement Support based on individual strengths and skills.