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talent development

Transforming talent to align with corporate expectations

We transform early-stage talent into a superior, industry-ready talent through our multi-faceted training programs designed to strengthen technical and soft skills. These programs are driven by unique EDGE methodology that focuses on industry-centric and experiential learning.

Learning experience delivered by experts with significant industry experience

Industry-specific skill development programs are curated & conducted by highly conversant and proficient industry experts, who are passionate about transferring their knowledge and skills to the next generation to help them excel in the professional environment.

Experiential learning through industry cases that are supervised by experts

For every learning stream or for a combination of streams, we bring relevant industry cases to provide individuals first-hand experiential learning experience of an industry.

our approach

We follow a hybrid learning approach that is a combination of online and offline leaning. For offline modules, individuals can opt for the suitable location during registration as per their choice of program and its duration.

What is in for you?

  • An in-depth understanding of tools and technologies used in the industry as per the program chosen based on your inclination and gaps.
  • A course completion certificate.
  • 1-year subscription with us for targeted career opportunities and mentoring sessions with experts.

who can register?

  • Student(s) currently pursuing chemical engineering from 5th Semester onwards.
  • Chemical engineering graduates or diploma holders, with 1-5 years of experience working in the core engineering sector, looking to upgrade skills on different tools and technologies.
  • Chemical engineering graduates or diploma holders, with 1-5 years of experience in the IT sector, willing to upgrade the skills and switch to core engineering.

Our training programs

Technical Training Programs

The technical knowledge programs are aimed at consolidating the learnings of academic curriculum and understanding the practical applications of various subjects relevant to the type of role and organization.

The training programs are designed based on the following:

  • Industry centric fundamentals.
  • Equipment / unit operations.
  • Tools and technology – e.g. process simulation.
  • Industrial automation overview
  • Industrial IT networking
  • Any other training which is customized for meeting an individual learning requirement.

The individuals are given the flexibility to express the training needs and accordingly courses can be added or customized.

Soft Skills Training Programs

Individuals are trained in interpersonal skills in an environment simulated for industry roles and responsibilities. They are prepared for different functions related to operations, customer relations, sales, dealing with subordinates or workers, etc. that can be taken up in the actual industry scenario. Our program focuses on learning the essential human attributes and behavior for donning these roles in an organization.

Soft Skill training are themed around the functions given below:

  • Sales and business development function.
  • Technical/Operational role based functions.
  • Support Functions.
  • Consulting Support

Why us?

  • Specialized curated content.
  • Case-based approach for a deeper understanding.
  • Coaching and Mentoring by Industry Experts.
  • Development of industry perspective.
  • Targeted Placement Support based on individual strengths and skills