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our philosophy

Talent is present in every sphere but may not always be noticeable under the spotlight of standardized assessments. Besides, conventional learning systems suppress innovation by focussing primarily on memory skills and grades. Our philosophy is based on the positive perception of talent that highlights key competencies and help them develop the new ones with proper mentorship.

We challenge the current practices

We go beyond conventional assessment to measure the conceptual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge to real world problems, with the focus on identifying key competencies and development areas.

Targeted Assessments for Learning

Our expert-driven assessment system profiles individuals’ talent on the basis of their areas of interest, captures their knowledge ability through a combination of assessments and discussions, and provides targeted opportunities in the industry.

Our unique EDGE methodology

Our unique, productive and pragmatic methodology known as Expert-Driven Growth Enablement (EDGE) aims at developing talent under the mentorship of highly experienced and knowledgeable industry experts who work passionately with a goal to enhance the professional profile of individuals. They coach individual aspirants with the best in industry-centered learnings with various cases to upgrade their skills. Industry-centric training programs empowered with our EDGE methodology strengthens individuals with the insights of industry operations, together with the knowledge of academics.

Core Value Statement

Talent has an unlimited potential that waits to be unleashed through inspiration, discipline, and appropriate training. At Taledge, we boost individual talent with our refining process of targeted assessment and expert training. The efforts of Industry experts and corporates work coefficiently with raw talent, supplementing it with their skills, knowledge, and practice. It thus transforms the raw talent into industry-ready individuals, who enthusiastically advance ahead on the path of a progressive career. The outcome is an exponential growth of individuals as well as industry.