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understand the professional in you

We profile your core talent to help you understand your strengths and development areas. This can lead to better and abundant career opportunities.

Our profiling tools:

TalentRampTM Profiling

Our unique talent profiling helps you understand your core technical skills as well as soft skills. Following details are captured as part of the profile:

  • Technical and domain strengths mapped with different roles in Industry.
  • Soft Skills mapped with the different roles in the industry.
  • Potential development areas and training recommendations.
  • Career planning recommendations.

DNLA® Profiling

DNLA is globally one of the best profiling tool to understand the natural latent abilities of an individual. There are following tools in DNLA that help you understand your various capabilities, benchmarked with global profiles in similar industry and for similar roles:

  • Social competences.
  • Sales Potential.
  • Leadership and Management.
Expert Driven learning

Identify learning paths, get trained and mentored by experts

We identify your learning paths through our profiling process, and we help you upgrade your technical and soft skills desired in industry.

Expert Driven learning

Get career of choice through our placement support

Once you enroll in either talent profiling or training, you get one year subscription that gives you access to placement support in core industry.



  • Improved Employability
  • Abundant & Targeted Career Opportunities
  • Effective Industry-readiness
  • Improved growth prospects