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Fundamental Research

DNLA – the Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities is based upon fundamental research on "Social Competences“ developed by Dr. Strasser of the prestigious Max-Planck Institute, Munich, under the management of Professor Dr. mult. Brengelmann. It was then fine-tuned for the needs of today's workplace with the help of other academic research, coaching and human resource expertise. Subsequently this knowledege has been applied to other aspects of working life at all levels.

Din 33430 process audit

DNOP - Das Deutsche Normenzentrum für Organisations - and Prozessdiagnostik e.V (German center for norms and organizational and process-diagnostics e.V. (inc.soc.) Prof. Dr. Walter Simon, President; carried out the certification and process audit according to the DIN33430 standards for DNLA.

Requirements for proficiency assessment procedures and their implementation din33430

Participants in the DNLA process are entitled to a full technical explanation of the results and the proposals for appropriate development and training, such as those are specified in the DIN 33430 standards, by a certified and accredited DNLA Consultant.


DNLA GmbH, Emsdetten, Germany: Center of Competence and Holder of the world-wide rights to DNLA ( Continuous updates and add-ons to the DNLA tools, data-pools, available versions for further countries and mentalities.

validity & reliability

Participants in the DNLA process are entitled to a full technical explanation of the results and the proposals for appropriate development and training, such as those are specified in the DIN 33430 standards, by a certified and accredited DNLA Consultant.

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DNLA GmbH is the owner of the
Worldwide licence rights for DNLA.

Quality Made in Germany!

Klaus Haddick
Managing Director DNLA GmbH

People Create Value

  • Think about it: What (or: Who!) is the source of good products and innovations?
  • What can a perfect strategy achieve - if it is not put into practice?
  • What can planning and organisational change achieve if employees oppose it?
  • How much of the effect of marketing and advertising will be lost, if the "face to the customer"- contact is a disappointing experience?
People create value

There is potential in everyone

  • With DNLA, we help to identify potential.
  • We create (self-)awareness, and we encourage dialogue.
  • We have a deep respect for the human being.
  • We want to create value: For both, organisations and Individuals.

Bringing the right people to the right place with the right mindset

This may sound trivial - but it is an enormous task, and an ongoing challenge. If you succeed - the company will be a model organisation for others in the industry. Employees and managers alike will be able to put all their potential to work, and turn it into performance. People will be happy, motivated, willing and able to do a brilliant job. This will reflect in the organization´s well-being and economic perspective.

TALEDGE – DNLA Partnership

Driven by the similar philosophies targeted towards identifying and unleashing true potential of individuals and to help them utilize it in the work environment, Taledge is proud to partner with DNLA. With this partnership, that brings a lot of synergies, taledge is committed to provide you with precise, research-and benchmark-backed-analysis and with effective development programs not only for individuals or executives, but for the entire workforce. With this partnership, we wish to propagate the advantages of a combination approach of talent identification, based on DNLA, which is a science based tool, and taledge profiling, which is based on expert-centric assessments.

Together, we change the benchmarks of talent identification!

People Create Value

DNLA Social Competences

Allows you to assess the current level of the 17 soft skill key factors of success! In benchmarking with the best, against a large pool of benchmarking data, we can give a detailed, science-based picture of where a person stands at the moment. This “map”, combined with individual feedback in a personal debriefing, and with various suggestions for support and for personal improvement which the DNLA HR expert system offers, will help each individual, team and organisation to grow and to achieve their goals! Discover and develop your full potential and your (natural latent) abilities, with DNLA SC!

Download DNLA Social Competence

DNLA SC-Screening

The “quick check” of Social Competence! Only takes a few minutes and allows you to make an educated guess or classification for a larger group of people. So you can, for example, identify the most interesting candidates out of a large group of applicants, high potentials in an organisation, or those who most likely and most urgently need your support - with DNLA Screening!

Download DNLA SC-Screening

DNLA Management and Leadership

DNLA Management and Leadership tools shows you where you stand against the top-executives in your position in 25 key factors, in the areas of “leadership”, “cooperation and consensus” and “entrepreneurship”. Leadership development and benchmarking with the best on an international level, with DNLA MM!

Download DNLA Management and Leadership

DNLA Sales Potential

DNLA SP gives you a detailed analysis of your employees and applicants when it comes to the personal qualities that make a great salesperson! Assessment and development of potential and performance in six typical stages of the sales process with DNLA SP!

Download DNLA Sales Potential

Managerial Stress Survey

We´re all facing stress and challenges of one kind of another in our jobs. How can we learn to cope with stress and with its negative effects? DNLA MSS gives you a detailed analysis for all kinds of job-related stress-inducing factors and of their effects on you and on your work and life. Individual support, occupational health management and stress-prevention with DNLA MSS!

Download DNLA Managerial Stress Survey

People create value

Labor costs are one of the largest cost-factors in a company. The equivalent value for this cost-factor cannot, contrary to other factors, directly be read from the balance-sheet ...but it can be read from the DNLA HR-balance sheet!

Here, the current ability and the willingness to perform of your employees shows; and we can show ways what has to be done to enhance the emotional engagement to the company, the job-satisfaction and the performance and level of target achievement!

HR Balance Sheet
Hr Balance Sheet pdf

What would your HR balance sheet show?

If you want to make a fair estimate of the value which could be generated / activated with using the DNLA approach, use the calculation formula you can find in the synopsis document, which you can download below.

Case Studies

There are many companies and organisations, working with DNLA and its partner network in order to develop the potential of their employees and executives, improve their teamwork and to equip them with all the qualities and resources they need to achieve their goals, to be successful today, and in the future!

The following corporations, SMBs, banks, service providers, non-profit-organisations and public agencies are just some of them:

We have many longstanding clients, some even with trained and certified inhouse DNLA-experts.

If you are interested in learning what these companies do and achieve with DNLA, see the following examples and cases:

Implementation a new corporate culture and value system: DNLA & DNLA HR balance sheet at BoConcept.

Integration and development of sales teams, internal placement and new placement of employees, leadership development programs and HR development are some of the applications of DNLA at Bayer Health Care.

HR development and Career Advancement Programmes for High Potentials: DNLA at E.ON.