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Acquire and foster early-stage talent in an effective manner

Our talent acquisition tools and methods that are based on our EDGE philosophy give you access to a pool of superior talent along with the individual’s talent metric, which can be used to do effective career planning for individuals. The skills of hired candidates can be quickly augmented through our learning programs curated and conducted by industry experts. There are following key approaches we offer for early stage talent acquisition, each of which involves the initial stage of understanding the annual hiring forecast and skill requirements.

Hire Only

Hire Only

In this approach, we either provide you access to our off-the-shelf pool of profiled talent, or we can create a bespoke talent pool targeted to your requirements.

Hire & Train

Hire and Train

This is a next level to hiring in which we quickly ramp up the skills, which are identified by you, of the newly hired individuals through our expert-driven learning program(s). This includes everything that ‘hire only’ approach provides.

Train and Hire

This is an option in which we train an identified and profiled pool of individuals based on the pre-identified skill requirements of an organization, with an agreement from them that they will consider this pool for hiring – this includes the pool of individuals already trained with us.

Understand your employees better to develop effective career paths

Our talent profiling tools help you understand the strengths and development areas of your employees in a better way. This leads to effective employee engagement and satisfaction that in turn leads to better retention of workforce.

Our profiling tools:

TalentRampTM Profiling

Our unique talent profiling helps you understand and map the core technical skills as well as soft skills of the workforce. Following details are captured for each profile:

  • Technical Strengths vis-à-vis Industry & role – mapped with best fit future roles
  • Individual Soft Skills mapped with the current and next planned role
  • Potential development areas as per career aspirations

DNLA® Profiling

DNLA is globally one of the best profiling tool to understand the natural latent abilities of an individual – there are following tools in DNLA that help understand various capabilities of the workforce, benchmarked with the global profiles in similar industry and role:

  • Social Competences
  • Sales Potential
  • Leadership and Management
  • HR Balance Sheet (organization-wide competency-mapping and competency-development, for the development of individuals, teams, and of entire organization)

Upgrade the skills of workforce through our bespoke training programs

We work with you to identify the learning needs, and devise the customized learning programs, curated and delivered by our highly experienced domain experts, to up-skill your existing workforce. We may also use our profiling to identify the learning needs, if required.

Engage with us for industry consulting

Our panel of experts have diverse expertise and experience in various domains to help you solve various technical challenges that you face or to help you develop a long term sustainable technology roadmap.