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Corporate training programs

coporate trainging program

Highly specialized training in core engineering

We provide corporate training programs in the core engineering sector as per the current specific requirements of the industry. These programs are designed effectively to bridge the gaps between core sector industry expectation and potential employees’ acumen. We engage the industry experts in specific areas from our panel, creating greater value for present and future executives of design, OEM and manufacturing companies alike.

Our courses are professionally engaging and customized as per the requirements of customer organization. This gives an edge in the learning and skill development of employees, leading to increased productivity.

Themes of our training programs

Our training capsules are designed around best practices, functional understanding, and technology understanding, enabling a perfect synergy between expectations and deliverables.

Our training programs broadly can cover any of the following domains

  • Energy sector – Hydrocarbon (Oil & Gas), Power Generation
  • Chemical Process Industry – Technology and Operations
  • Overview of Information Technology and Industrial Automation
  • Tools and technologies for enhancing Operational Efficiency
  • Functional training - Operational and Business functions for specific industries.
  • Soft skills – assessment of competencies and programs to bridge the gap.
coporate training program

Why US?

Expert Driven learning

Expert-driven learning that is highly focused to the need

Specific skill development programs are delivered by highly knowledgeable and experienced domain experts from the industry who train, guide, and upgrade skills to meet the organization’s expectations.

Expert Driven learning

Training courses curated by industry experts

Training courses are well-designed by the experts based on specific needs which can give valuable insights about venturing into new areas or expanding the knowledge horizon of an existing skill or subject.

Expert Driven learning

Customized training courses

Our training programs are flexible and adaptive as per the development needs of the corporate customers.